PBtracka: How it works

PBtracka is a tracking system to monitor and know all projects executed by different arms of Government

Track a Project
You can track or monitor any project in few clicks by filling all the information about the project, this will bring the project to the limelight
Update tracked project
You can add visual updates to projects you are tracking to show that the project is progressing
Review or report a project
You add a first hand review on any ongoing project or report a fraudulent or abandoned projects

About Us

To bridge the Missing link in Budget Processes and Project Implementation

PBtracka website is built to keep the masses abreast of Budgeting system, Budget implementation, amplify the demands of the citizens across the Local Government Areas and also set up a Tracking System for each Project executed by different arms of Government. It also feature citizen's feedback which can be gathered and used for Advocacy and Inclusion purposes. PB Traka is leveraging on Freedom of Information Bill to facilitate scalability Improvement.

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