PBtracka is created by Christian Initiative For Nation Building (CINB) a Faith based nonprofit Organization with the following thematic areas:
-Good Governance
-Human Rights Advocacy

The problem we are solving

Over the decades, there has been a recurrent and sustained scenarios that the Nigerian State, like it's counterparts in Africa and countries of the developing world,underperforms due to lack of state capacity to deal with the contemporary complexities of Governance. Accountability and Transparency has been the bane of successive administrations from Local Government Areas to States and Federal Government. There are myriads of limitations that inhibits Citizens Feedback, Impact Measurement System, Tracking Systems and Engagement on Governance Processes. .

They include but not li mited to: Low level of awareness on Budget Processes, Insufficient Citizens input during Budget Preparation, Inadequate feedback on Budget performance during a fiscal Year, No central Platform that collates Citizen's felt need, Lack of needs Assessment during Project implementation, Not instituting bottom top approach in Constituency Project Planning and Implementation, Lack of ownership attitude for Projects on the part of Citizens.

Solution to the problem

Creating a website that will keep the masses abreast of Budgeting system, Budget implementation, amplify the demands of the citizens across the Local Government Areas and also set up a Tracking System for each Project executed by different arms of Government. It is also going to have a forum feature where citizen feedback can be gathered and used for Advocacy and Inclusion purposes. The Project is tagged: P.B Traka. We will leverage on Freedom of Information Bill to facilitate scalability Improvement focus of #GovernanceHacks.

Why are we building it

Step 1 : To bridge the Missing link in Budget Processes and Project Implementation
Step 2: To Provide the citizen with adequate knowledge of government decisions and implementation
Step 3: To provide a platform to collectively monitor government activities through decentralized reporting and fact checking

Impact of Solution

COur Solution will the bring Social and economic impact on the citizens in the following ways
The PB Tracka will go along way to curb siphoning of funds meant for Projects
- To make sure citizen's police project in their community by actively giving updates and monitoring the process
- The fight against funds misappropriation.
- It will also proper Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects
- It will help triangulate elected Leader's Stewardship record with reality on ground.
- It will also expose leakages in Project Implementation so as to enable Government have more funds for Socioeconomic Development of the populace.